The Best Café in Copenhagen

A couple of months ago, we have discovered probably one of the coolest places of Copenhagen, called Bastard Café. The place is absolutely amazing, it offers more than 800 different board games, including old and new, classic, party games and nerd ones (Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Witcher, Bioshock, Magic etc.) and all-stars as well (Catan, Carcassonne, Cards Against Humanity, Dixit, Arkham Horror etc.).

Bastard Cafe

Some of them are free to play anytime, but if you are planning visit week by week ( and why wouldn’t you do that?) you better buy an ‘awesome membership’ which is for a year and costs only 125 DKK. For this price you can play anything, anytime unless it’s taken of course which (even though they have several copies of the most popular ones) sometimes does happen. But what’s more important, you support an awesome place where you are probably going to spend many-many hours.

The café has game gurus, who are eager to help you out with choosing the right game for your company, or explaining the rules. You can even ask for a spectacular “Looking for Players” flag, indicating that players are welcome to join your game. The people of the place are most likely very open, playing with strangers can be very funny if you are into that.

If I recall correctly, time to time they organize competitions as well in different games. In my opinion it’s just a matter of time for them to start hosting Magic competitions (if they are not doing that already).

One thing, if you are planning to come: try to arrive in time on Fridays and Saturdays, because the place gets crowded quickly and chances are you won’t find any free table despite that the place is huge. Oh, and an other one: get ready for not being able to resist to order a plate of nachos, because there are going to be at least 2-3 tables around you crunching those evil, small pieces of heaven.

If you like board games, there is no question: this is place is meant for you. If not, then maybe this is the place where you will start liking them.