How to change the world?

We may think that we are so small, so tiny compared to the big world, or to the big world’s big people, that we have absolutely no power over it, and our actions are mostly irrelevant. Because does it matter if I skip today’s workout or not? Does one vote make any sense? Does it make any sense if I say my opinion or should I just avoid argument and save time instead? Or if you take more food than you actually can consume because “it is going to be thrown out anyway…”.

Well, I believe yes, it does matter. Because think of it: by your decisions and actions you impact not only your life, but other lives as well.

You see people who can make you think, who can inspire you, who can make you move. The more you feel to know someone, the more you are curious about his/her life and achievements.

And it works backwards as well. People are curious about each other, especially when somebody is highly motivated and the result of his/her hard work is clearly visible. Your actions are observed by your environment.

In other words you can have influence not only on your destiny, but have the ability to have influence on others’ as well, who can have influence on other others’, and so on.

So what can you do?

Understand the message behind your actions, and act the way you want the world to act. Believe in the butterfly effect, create your own moral dimension, and do the right thing. Because you may never know, how much impact you have on others. You may inspire someone, who is on his/her way to become a teacher / coach / writer etc. or someone famous, who will influence tons of lives.

You have the power to make our common world a better place, by making your own a better one.

You don’t necessarily need to do anything special with others, or with our planet. Fight for your dreams, fight for your rights, and fight for yourself, be a warrior. Just stay motivated to stay motivating.