Flappy Hermelin :rocket:

I have created my first Android game called Flappy Hermelin, and published it on the Google Play store.

It was my first take on writing a native game, and what could be easier to experiment with than a Flappy Bird clone? As I already had classes in Android development at school, and my development environment was already set up for this platform, I was looking for something which integrates with it smoothly, and which is preferably open-source. This is how I’ve found this awesome framework called LibGDX which seemed and turned out to be very powerful. I strongly recommend it, however it might seem a little difficult and overwhelming without prior Java experience.

Happy Hermelin

To learn from sketch, I have went through the tutorials of Brent Aureli and thenewboston, I recommend these whole-heartedly as well.

To save time on game design, I have bought my assets on Gamedevmarket, which seems like a really good source for indie game developers.

The game is of course open-source, and can be found on my GitHub. It can be also downloaded directly from Google Play.