Expectations for Denmark as an international student

Let me explain why did I choose Denmark after all, and why you should think over following me. Picking the right university / college and finding your own way is never easy and Denmark might be a good choice, but not for everyone.

I have studied at a university back in my home country (Hungary) for ages (how sad is that), but I haven’t really found what I was looking for. Unfortunately, as a young teenager I didn’t think wide enough to consider studying abroad, and due to the pressure of the rat race, I didn’t choose wisely. I chose something, which was (according to my personality) not bad but OK, but definitely not AWESOME (and I am completely sure the majority of nowadays students feel the same, but that’s another story - coming soon), and I tell you that ain’t good, no-no.

Of course, beyond studying the right study programme Denmark had more to offer. Why is it so attractive? Let’s see the key features:

In conclusion I shall say I expected a socialized, open-minded environment, with nice living circumstances and a practice oriented learn-by-doing educational approach, sharing with people with the same obsession.

These are the reasons for the why, and the expectations which I have arrived to Denmark with, as a freshman. Will they match reality? Keep up with the blog of course and you will see!