Building a Creative Career Mind Map

I like to organize my thoughts and write them down either to post-its, or to text documents. Time to time I tend to spend much time on gathering all the information bouncing in my head and converting them into clean lists, posters or charts which clarify the steps I have to take towards my goals. We could say I like to design my thoughts.

Arranging your ideas and bringing them to the real physical life helps you a lot to understand and simplify the mess in your head, plus (only even by printing a PDF) makes it feel your own therefore you more likely will stick to it.

I found this awesome site called Coggle which helps you to create and share simple mind maps super easily.

So I have gathered my thoughts about Building a Creative Career and squeezed them into a very short, easy to remember guide, which is going to hang over my desk, since apparently I have finally decided what direction my career is about to take.

Check out the mindmap on Coggle here!